Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{THE Ever Amazing Elder Moore Part 1}

THE Ever Amazing Elder Moore is having the time of his life.  I'm his mom and that's my factual opinion.  :)  
He LOVES his mission and really wants to enjoy this final month.

Did I just say that?  His final month?  If I do the math . . . he began his mission September 23, 2009 and he gets released September 26, 2011 . . . then I realize it is coming to an end. This is his final month.

Since he's so far away in Argentina and Internet cafes aren't the most technologically advanced we don't get many pictures.  Okay, we've only gotten a disc of pictures once.  Over a year ago.  Last week we received a "foto disco" and it was the perfect way to celebrate Sir Thomas & Nolan's birthdays!

I don't know the stories behind all the pictures so we'll just go with my imagination!  Please enjoy my ideas of what might be happening in a land far, far away . . . 
We got several pictures similar to this but in various locations so I've decided that it's an Argentine Barbecue.
See, this isn't so hard.

I do know the story of the hoodie!  This great friend gave Nolan his favorite hoodie when Nolan was being transferred to a new area.  It's a great souvenir depicting the Last Supper complete with Star Wars characters.  Not the traditional version we are familiar with but so sweet to give away his favorite hoodie.

The baptism of a super cool young man.

Really cute kids in Gutierrez, Argentina.  I hope I get to meet them!  I'm guessing its Gutierrez and I may be wrong.

Striking a cool pose with a cool cat on the stairs behind them.

Delicious dinner being prepared by a very beautiful lady and it's a p-day or a service project since he isn't wearing a white shirt and tie.

Three missionaries that think that erosion blob looks like a map of the USA.
{I think I'm imagining very well - or I just chose easy pictures!}

Baptism of a handsome young man with a beautiful smile {by a handsome young missionary with a beautiful smile}

All the family that came to the baptism!

Very cool happy people and I think they live in Fiorito.  {The date was my hint.)

Super cool guys in Fiorito.  I had to post this one because I LOVE the pictures of the Savior and the First Presidency on the wall . . . and how can I not love the fashion??  R.I.P. floppy disk.  I seriously love that shirt.

An irresistibly cute girl that Elder Moore loves and adores.  {I know a little sign language so that helped.}

An attempt to get a picture of the sweet decorations of people with priorities - taken without them realizing he was taking the picture . . . distract, point, and shoot . . . with the camera, shoot with the camera.

This is a mission car.

Just joking!  But the owner has to be amazing and totally has a testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I'm imagining that's the owner!  He's so great!  {The missionary is probably pretty great too.}

While I'm using my imagination may I share another imaging I have thought many times?
I think basketball is Heavenly Father's favorite sport.  Just sayin'
I have evidence . . . basketball courts are built in every church in the States.  Heavenly Father likes soccer and wants these people to be happy and have a place to play.  But, He crowned the soccer goal with a basketball hoop as a little suggestion. =)

I'll be back with a few more pictures, a few more imaginings, and some real thoughts from his last letter.