Friday, September 23, 2011

{The fastest & lamest blog ever}

Oh, how I've missed my blog.  I don't even have time for it today.  I leave for the airport in 8 minutes.  I'm going to try to blog in record time!

So, what have we been up to?

I've been using my FitBit and having a great time.  I haven't had lots of time for exercise but I get on the treadmill in 10-15 minute increments and get quite a few miles in a day that way.

The boys are still up to their usual fun.  They went to get haircuts and Landon got comfortable while he was waiting his turn.  It seems as if they never stop growing!

We've also been SUPER busy getting everything ready for Nolan's homecoming!  I don't know what possessed me but I systematically unloaded all the bookshelves, dusted, and reorganized the books.  Might I say it feels like book heaven!  {I won't mention the desperate need for more bookshelves.}

 A SCARY before . . .
A few surprise pictures from my favorite missionary . . .

The  two year countdown calendar was a lovely gift from the dearest friend, Barb.  I haven't missed a day yet.  It looks like the camera slightly overexposed the picture but that's what I feel like inside - glowing and so excited!

 The beautiful India got braces . . .
 We've been making her lovely headboard . . . detailed post to come.

I have the BEST friend ever to help!!
She's amazingly darling and talented - just like India.
Not finished but you get the idea for now . . .
My eight minutes are up and I must depart.  Argentina bound with my dear Sir Thomas and the incredible Keaton.  We didn't feel good about taking everyone and I'm REALLY going to miss Landon and India.  This is hard part.  For some reason, this is just the right thing this time but we'll all be back together again soon.

If I'm lucky I'll be blogging from Buenos Aires.  If not, I'll be back soon!