Friday, October 21, 2011

{a funny thing happened on the way to Guitérrez}

In my last blog I mentioned taking a bus after leaving Boca Stadium. We were headed to Guitérrez.  
Well, a funny thing happened on the way to Guitérrez . . .

Sometimes little adventures just aren't enough and we need BIG adventures.  I never knew that but I learned while riding that bus.  This very nice young man asked me if I was British.  We all know I'm NOT! 
Flattering for a gal with a Texas accent?  I'm undecided.  However, it was the beginning of a lovely conversation.

Nahuel is attending college as well as taking an English class.  He was excited to have the opportunity to practice his English and might I add that his English was impressive.  It was a long bus ride and we all enjoyed a lovely conversation.  I think being in a foreign country is generally enough of an adventure and my mother will not be happy that I didn't listen to all of her wise counsel but we did something typically considered insane . . . 

. . . we accepted a ride from a stranger.  Nahuel offered us a ride so we got off the bus early, walked to his house, met his mother at her darling produce shop, and allowed him to give us a ride to our next destination.  Yes, he was a total stranger but it seemed like a better adventure.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures on the bus or walking down most streets since that wasn't safe but riding with a total stranger?  Acceptable.

Nahuel mentioned that he was concerned we wouldn't be very comfortable but we were along for the adventure and their truck was perfect!  Keaton was particularly excited by this upgrade in adventure!

It only made sense to have Nolan sit up front due to the fact that he was the only one that could speak Spanish OR had any idea where we were going.  The rest of us were excited to ride in the back of his family's new truck.  New to them . . . they had just gotten it the day before!  {They needed it to pick up the produce for their store.}

Keaton really was SUPER excited and thought this was the best!

Once again, I was shocked by someones thoughtfulness!  Just as we were all piling in, Nahuel went back into his house and ran out with their couch cushions!  He insisted that we use the cushions to make the trip comfortable.

Offering us a ride was impressive and this was over the top.  He just kept telling us his mother would be so excited to meet us, wanted to go for a drive anyway, practice his English . . . Excuses! Basically, he was just an incredibly nice guy.  AND the ride was comfortable.
 I should be spontaneous more often.  This sweet ride was awesome!

After arriving close to our final destination we said farewell to our newest friend and chose to walk the remainder of the distance.  The nicer rodes were ending and we didn't want to risk damaging his nice truck.  I honestly love walking and we got to do a lot of it that day.

You'll notice the street below compared to the street above.  Yep, not wanting to take advantage of an already super nice guy.  It was a beautiful day for walking!

I'm so embarrassed that I can't remember all of the names!  We met the nicest people and Nolan isn't always available to help me out.  It didn't take long to bond with this sweet lady.  Their son was at school and we missed meeting him.

It was such a treat to walk the streets that Nolan had often walked.

We saw LOTS of cute animals and LOVED their owners.

Belen and Brian {sister and brother} were fun to visit and had such great personalities.

It would have been worth walking all the way from Boca Stadium to meet the Espíndola family and eat the delicious lunch they prepared.  I can't stand looking at this picture because it makes me miss them.  It also makes me HUNGRY.  Even her salad was delicious.

I decided that I wanted to eat empanada's for every meal the entire time I was in Argentina and for another month after we got home.  She made everything from scratch.  It was SO good.

Funny things didn't only happen on the way to Guitérrez.  We had funny experiences after we arrived too!

Somehow, we ended up outside having a bit of a circus experience!  It was so much fun.  They asked Keaton to show them a few of his "stunts."  I think Nolan did a bit of bragging on his brother before we arrived.  Everyone knew about his juggling, walking on his hands, back-flips, etc.

So, we wanted to see some of their "stunts" and this sweet girl was good!

Somehow, I got roped into joining the circus.  This is the only picture I'm showing of me!
Yes, I am still a bit of a human rubber band but it provided a great bonding experience. =)

She was so excited that I could join her and gave me a HUGE hug.  I melted.

Before it was over, we were all in the circus!  Sir Thomas was the Master of Ceremonies since we wanted to keep him in one piece.

The next unexpected experience . . . another gift.  She gave me two pairs of beautiful earrings!  I was excited to have new earrings to wear and left her with mine.  It's like we're BFFs already!

Not all pets were the fuzzy type!

But, some were.

This was the Ledesma and Gamarra families home.

I gave them dum dum pops and they shared their puppies!  So cute - kids and puppies.  I LOVE the cute drawing on the wall behind them.

There were two Ledesma families close by that were related so we wanted to visit both.  Who knew there would be such a great surprise running around at the next house . . .

These are the Ledesma parents with their youngest son.  We had just had fun visiting one of their older daughters.  So glad we got to meet both families!  All of these families were so gracious and provided cold drinks and good company.

Such an awesome woodworking shop!  He created an awesome chess table that folds up for chess playing on the go.  This dad was teaching his son so he could carry on the trade.

Walking turned out to be a great plan because we got to meet some of the Díaz family while we were walking.

I loved all the great personalities!  The next Ledesma family {not related to the first two} were personality plus!  She has a building for her hair salon on their property and you can see how much fun we had . . .

He is a baker and has a great job.  I think he should stick with his natural talent and chosen profession!

We loved our visit!  They were quick to volunteer to help with anything and everything.  We would get to see some of them again because they were so nice to help!

Nolan put Keaton to work again!  Nolan does contact juggling and he got busy entertaining too. Nolan's picture didn't turn out very good. :(

No!  {I'm practicing my answer.}  He does make that bike look good though!

The Ojeda family is ultra talented!  This kid can play soccer better than anyone I've seen in the states.  {Sorry, that happens in South America.}  He just has crazy talent!  They also only have school for 4 hours a day so maybe they have more time?  I'm guessing its in their blood.

The beast of a dad is talented in martial arts and nun chucks.  Nolan was privileged to learn from him while he was serving in Guitérrez.  Keaton got to learn a bit while we were there too.

Not only did this boy have crazy soccer skills but is a serious black belt and can throw around nun chucks like I can toss chocolate in my mouth.  Both dangerous!  She is a professional seamstress and I think she can probably join them in the martial arts.  It was a fun visit.

Then Nolan started telling us about their great cooking . . .  no, I'm not jealous.  Much. ;)  I'd like nun chuck, martial arts, soccer, asada cooking, and professional sewing skills.  Okay, so I've learned some sewing.  One started.  ;)

He gave Nolan that sweet leather whip as a gift.  Yes, I remembered another cool talent they have.  Show horses.  They have owned beautiful show horses, trained them, and WON serious competitions.  We saw some awesome pictures and awards.  Love this family!

The Maidana family made me want to stay forever!  You can look at these people and tell they are incredible.  My wish came true too!  They made us homemade empanadas!!  I immediately decided I would love them when I smelled the food.  Who makes empanadas from scratch?? I'm so glad Nolan met two families that do crazy things like that.  It's now on my list of things to learn.

Note to self: learn martial arts and the art of making empanadas at the same time.  Exercise goes well with over eating.

They also made us delicious dessert!

Such a fabulous family!

Surprise!  Some of the Ledesma family returned!  He volunteered to drive us all the way back to Buenos Aires!  It was probably about an hour drive.  {Remember the long bus ride I mentioned.}

I love this picture of Nolan and Jorge Maidana - I can see the goodness in this great man's face.  He is one of those people that just make you feel loved immediately.

We made it back to Palermo in the Ledesma mobile!  Sweet ride!  That car is 40 years old and he has taken great care of it.  He said he had just put a new motor in and it was another great ride with a very giving man.  Guitérrez was a great experience.