Saturday, October 22, 2011

{El Tigre}

Thursday morning arrived and we had plans for a beautiful day in El Tigre.  Unfortantely, Thursday hadn't made the same plans.  It was raining. After a minor discussion, we decided that the weather wasn't going to stop us.  
It was our only chance to see this beautiful area.

Surprise!  As we drove out of Buenos Aires we also drove out of the rain.  A nice, cool, overcast day was perfect for our plans!  Our dear friends, Charles and Norma, were with us for this adventure.  I'm SO glad they were a part of it. We hired this charming Argentine boat captain to take us down the river on this equally charming 1920's boat. 
You're going to love the sites!

I don't understand how those controls steer the boat.  It looked rather simplistic at first.  Once we started down the river I began watching the captain and realized it was a lot more complicated than I once thought.

Charles & Norma!

I loved the row boats and other interesting forms of water transportation up and down the river.  The water actually reminded me of the Neches River back home.

We tried to take in the beautiful sites . . .

. . . and visit at the same time.  It was so relaxing.  I felt like I was in another world with a slow pace and time for everything.

Charles and Norma were able to tell us quite a bit about the history of these buildings and I've already forgotten lots! I don't remember all the history . . . such as who built this gorgeous structure . . . but it was once a hotel and is now an art museum!  I wanted to move in!

There were houses in every shape and size but they shared a common denominator . . . incredible lawns on the waterfront.

I had beautiful scenery on and off the boat! =)

This precious chapel was home to the first church in the area.  Oddly enough, to me it felt like a combination of Jane Austen and Anne of Green Gables.

This is reminescent of the Louisiana bayou!

Most of the time I just imagined the stories behind everything I saw.

We've all heard about living in glass houses.  Now, I actually think there is a place for it!
This is the original home of the man that started their first schools.  Impressive that they wanted to preserve it!  Humidity can be a real hater of history.

"River Truck"!!  Really?? Definitely seemed a bit more bayou-ish and I loved it!

The end arrived. We said farewell to our friends who were headed back to the city.  We decided to stay a little longer and enjoy the shops and sites on land.

We had already planned to get Nolan a leather coat for his birthday and the boys had a little fun together!

Keaton didn't get a coat but he sure made them look good!  He impressed {not surprised} me.  He REALLY wanted Nolan to get a coat and said he would rather wait until after his own mission - just let this be special for Nolan.
Aww, so sweet.

A buckle around your throat?  Keaton felt sure only a deranged man would bring this home to his wife!
He thought it looked a bit like a dog collar attached to a leather jacket.  That boy cracks me up!

It was so fun to watch Nolan speak Spanish with everyone while we looked on feeling like misfits.

We spotted an amusement park in the distance!  Time to hike a little more . . .

Our poor turtle friend wasn't enjoying the water. :(

At last!  Parque de la Costa . . . closed.  Only opened on weekends.  Sure looked like a great idea though.

We took the train back to Bueno Aires and prepared for an amazing evening . . . 

. . . to be continued.