Monday, October 31, 2011

{Happy Halloween}

Happy Halloween and I hope you ate lots of candy!  I did.  Not my best idea, I'm sure.

Might I say that it was wonderful to have all four children home for Halloween this year?  
Thank you, I think I shall then:  It has been wonderful fun!  

I'm so glad my kids have never outgrown fun.  It's usually crazy fun . . . and I like it!

Just your standard, boring, "mom insists on taking Halloween pictures" type of moments. . .

Nolan dressed as an authentic Argentine gaucho.  So nice to have a great mission souvenier!
Keaton is Superman in disguise {it's hunting season you know and he can't be recognized}
Landon is obviously Captain America going on a snowboard trip.
India is "raining cats and dogs" - so darling and via great ideas on Pinterest.

You can see one of the dogs better here:

It wouldn't be a very good Halloween if I didn't have a costume!  My children would disown me.
I opted to be a Birthday Princess and grant all the candy wishes of children who came to my door.
{Clever excuse to dress up! Although . . . I don't need an excuse.}

I obviously had a frightening stalker lurking in my house.

Trick or . . .

So, October has passed along with Halloween and I survived - enjoyably!

I'm really excited to welcome November along with cooler weather, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, and all things festive.

Do you think anyone would notice if I decorate my Christmas tree tomorrow?