Friday, November 2, 2012

{November 2}

My list of things I'm grateful for is long enough to go to the moon and back . . . a million times. I know I'm not that fabulous but I still can't believe I get to be me. The gratitude list is truly never ending. My list is in no particular order but don't you have those moments when you think, "Wow! I'm loving this!"?

From the bottom of my heart, I'm grateful I don't get disowned when I have crazy ideas AND decide to bring them to life. 
I often have to ask myself, "WHAT were you thinking??"

Need an example?

I know! I can't believe I'm even showing you this. 
I was thinking I wanted to paint my elegant-cave-of-a-dining-room yesterday and today.

The SAME "today" I wanted to host a wedding for my oh-so-darling-friends. I know! Bad idea.

Would it help if I mentioned that the wedding would be in the cabana and the dining room would stay in the house? I didn't think so. What was I thinking?? At least today I decided to paint the dining room yesterday and TOMORROW. So, the wedding was still lovely today!
{Just don't mind my dining table being in the entry way, the ladder being in the dining room, and me not having a brain. I did stay up late last night getting the final base coat on so it looked slightly better.}

Yesterday I mentioned how grateful I am for friends and today that gratitude REALLY grew. The best of friends helped me pull the wedding off and it was so fun!

I'm also thankful for my wonderful children that not only love me but go to great lengths to do so.
I was blessed with help the last time we painted the dining room.
Unfortuantely, I wasn't very good at describing what I wanted hence the very-dark-elegant-cave effect. Now, I'm wondering if it was really that bad.
{When a paint job doesn't turn out quite like you envision, that's what you do--name it something nice.}

I am thankful that Landon always makes it fun! {That or he was in SO much trouble he was forced to stand in the corner AND write his name. Yikes!}

What would I do without India? That girl is willing to test colors out with me AND make wedding food at the same time.
Oh, I'm hoping this has a very lovely end! At least the kids deserve it.

Guess we all know what I'll be working on tomorrow! ;) I'm already thankful that there is a tomorrow for me. Thankful, thankful, thankful.

{November 1}

November is here! 

I'm so thankful. I love this month. I love next month. I think I was just made for the holidays.

Technically, it's not really "November 1" since it's after midnight but I decided to cheat just a little so I could still get a blog post in. You know me & goals--my goal was to blog "today" even if it got too late. So, I've had a full day but I still have so much for which to be grateful. . . 

Today, it has to be friends. They're kind of important. 

I've been missing my blog and I've been SO touched that recently some really wonderful people that I TOTALLY admire have asked me about it. 
They've actually missed my blog! 
     (Insert jumping up and down, huge smile that made my cheeks hurt, and squealing with delight.) 
That made me feel a little special inside.  A ginormous THANK YOU to these dear friends and anyone else that stumbles upon my little piece of Blogdom. Another ginormous THANK YOU to my friends just for being my friends.

Now, I'm ready to begin celebrating the holidays and filling my blog with all the amazing things that bless my life.

AND because EVERY blog post has to have pictures:

{Who are those people?? They are crazy! It was seriously cold beyond description and I see smiles on their faces. They're weird.
No, that's not me smiling with a bright red Rudolph nose.}

{Bear . . . not so crazy or weird. I think he just has crazy, weird owners.}