Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{one million reasons}

One million reasons why I haven't blogged:

1. I thought the world ended in 2011
2. My computer, Ms. Mac, had serious difficulties and spent lots of time at the computer doctor
3. Everything from the septic system and the pool to my printer and dishwasher have broken - some  
    multiple times
4. I was busy exercising ;)
5. My kids were too much fun and distracted me
6. I had a million projects
7. I was busy flirting with Sir Thomas
8. Ortho appointments, eye doctor appointments, teeth cleaning appointments . . .
9. Housework, yard work, Church work, cleaning, cooking, laundry, looking for my cell phone . . . 

I'm tired of typing so I think I will let you imagine the remaining 999,921 reasons, but trust me, they were REALLY good.

One of the REALLY good reasons also involved blackberry picking.  I recently spent HOURS picking blackberries (and the cobbler was delicious).  After about an hour of picking ALONE, I spied two heroes approaching from the distance . . .

Who has boys that volunteer to help?  Me!

Perhaps I should note that I lovingly refer to them as "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" because they're always up to something.  Sure they helped pick blackberries for a few minutes . . . before turning on me.  A slight blackberry war ensued and those blackberries were nice and soft in the afternoon sun. Those "Things" have excellent aim and I was covered! Yeah, well, so my clothes are permanently stained.  It was totally worth it! What will I do for fun when they grow up???

I got a few good hits in and they were all well deserved.

I miss Nolan so much! He's off at school.  Nolan would have been very helpful picking blackberries because he is sweet and always volunteers to help me. (Which means he would have been on MY side when they started throwing blackberries.)

India was smart enough to know that Thing 1 and Thing 2 would do more than just help.  She stayed inside and I don't know what she was doing but it might have been something like this . . .

After the blackberry war those boys stayed and helped me pick blackberries and we talked and we laughed and it was a very happy day in my life.

I'm super tired and I will probably be totally embarrassed when I read this again tomorrow but I will be happy that I finally blogged something.  So glad I didn't end up with more than a million reasons!