Friday, May 11, 2012

{meet my lifeguards}

Woohoo!  Keaton and Landon are now registered Lifeguards with the American Red Cross.
They've been taking classes all week and passed their exams tonight! I'm slightly happy.

I'm glad they're willing to pose for the camera!

I think I'm a little more excited than they are but they did come home feeling pretty good. 
There's just something great about accomplishing a goal and these boys know what I mean.

Their whistles are LOUD. Trust me.
OR feel free to stop by for a demonstration.
The funny thing . . . it's music to my ears after all their hard work.

Keaton decided to graduate from homeschool early and start college this semester.
He's in the middle of his college finals this week as well so I'm extra excited that he managed to do it all.
I love my boys!