Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I miss my blog. I'm trying to create a better schedule so I can blog more. Can I say, "more" when I haven't been blogging in . . . lets just say FOREVER?  
It's late and I'm going to bed but I think I can pull off something! Anything will be a start.

A good post needs a title - check

It needs a story:

A missionary asked my age today and then was surprised to discover I was not as old as his parents . . . who are in their 50's. Not a bad age unless you're ten years younger. Right?? He actually asked how old "we" are referring to Sir Thomas and myself. I'm sure his manners are above asking a lady her age. 
A couple is TOTALLY different. It's not like I don't announce my age to everyone. Please send gifts, I'll be 42 in May!

I want to go back to last week when a lady in Beaumont asked if I was on TV, told me I was beautiful, thought I looked like "that lady that's in ALL the movies" and then mentioned I should be on TV. I need a self-esteem boost so I'll be in Beaumont searching for her tomorrow. ;) haha

Actually, I'm really not bothered by his comment. It was funny and gave me something quick to blog today!

Last, a good post needs a picture:

Wow! I feel successful. I can sleep well now that I finally blogged something.